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Gizmon iCA iPhone

Now we can turn iPhone 4/4s into classic camera with Gizmon iCA iPhone Case.

Shuter button on the top of the iCA really works. Use it with any of your favourite apps. The iCA
blurs the line between phone and camera by combining them both.

Available: White/ Black/ Brown

Package includes:-

  • One(1) iPhone case

  • One (1) Thin mock-lens

  • One (1) Multi-use tripod stand

  • Two (2) rings for strap

  • One (1) pouch

Price: RM189/ SGD90


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Fisheye All Black

Features & Specifications same as Fisheye Hello Kitty Edition

Price: RM189/ SGD85 camera only

*Inclusive postage to penisular Malaysia/ Singapore only*

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Fisheye One Hello Kitty

Sample photos taken from the internet

Hello Kitty Lovers out there...

Check out the Sanrio Japan's Hello Kitty with Fisheye No.1 35mm camera.

Features & Specifications:-

  • Uses 35mm film

  • One (1) Fisheye One camera

  • One (1) Flex lens cap

  • One (1) Camera Strap

  • Fisheye View Mini photo book

  • English Manual

  • 170-degree fisheye lens

  • Built-in electronic flash

  • Flex lens cap and strap

Price: RM189/ SGD85 camera Only

*inclusive delivery to penisular Malaysia/ Singapore only*


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Fuji Instax 210 Hello Kitty Camera

Here comes with bigger prints from Instax 210 Hello Kitty Limited Edition using twin wide film.

Features & Specifications:-

  • Takes instant pictures

  • Fil type: wide film

  • Built-in flash

  • Exposure control

  • Comes with a close-up & self shoot mirror

  • Batteries: 4AA batteries

  • Focusing: 0.9m-3m/ 3m-infinity

  • Size: W178.5x H94.5x D117.5mm

  • Weight: 650g

Packages Includes:-

  • One fuji instax 210 hello kitty camera

  • 4 AA batteries

  • 1 camera strap

  • 1 close up lens with self shoot mirror

  • instruction manual

Price: RM410 / SGD199


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Fujichrome Provia 100F

Film Type: Color positive/ Slide

Film Size : 35mm

ISO: 100

Exposures: 36

Use: To be cross processed and with high contrast effect of colors
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La Sardina Camera Marathon : RM199/ SGD85

*inclusive postage to penisular M'sia & Singapore*

La Sardina Camera Sea Pride: RM199/SGD85

*inclusive postage to penisular M'sia & Singapore*

La Sardina Camera & Flash El Capitan: RM369/ SGD155

*inclusive postage to penisular M'sia & Singapore*

La Sardina Camera &Flash Fischers Fritze: RM369 / SGD155

*inclusive postage to penisular M'sia & Singapore*

Sample photos taken:-

Package includes:
1. La Sardina camera
2. La Sardina Book
3 . La Sardina Lens Cover
4. Instruction manual


- Mind-blowing Wide-Angle Lens

- Rewind Dial and MX switch that make multiple exposures easier than ever before!

- Fritz the Blitz Flash attachment

- Film cartridge window on the rear of camera

- Easy-to-use focusing with two simple settings

- Bulb setting for night-time and long-exposure experimentation

- Screw-in Cable Release Option

- Incredible collection of unique La Sardina editions

- Uses 35mm film

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Necono Digital Camera *Pre-Order*

Sample photos from here (Source)


  • Digital Lomo Camera

  • Take pictures and video as well

  • Retro effect videos and record sound as well

  • Small,light weight and a magnetic base to stick anywhere

  • Does not require any films

  • Built-in rechargeable battery

  • MicroSd : up to 2gb / MicroSDHC card: up to 16gb

Price: SGD225/RM540 for camera only

SGD235/RM560 for camera + pouch

*Inclusive normal postage to singapore/post laju to penisular malaysia*

SGD20/SGD45 for camera pouch

*exclude postages*

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Mickey Mouse Close Up Lens

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Pick Digital Camera

Colours Available:-

  1. Green

  2. Red

  3. Purple

  4. Black

  5. Blue

  6. Yellow
Product Specifications:-

  • Built-in battery

  • Memory card -Micro SDHC card up to 16GB

  • Takes pictures and videos

  • Small,lightweight and easy to use

  • Digital cameras

  • 1280 x 1024 Pixels

  • tiny 2.0MP toy digital camera measuring merely 70 x 15 x 35mm

PRICE : RM220 / SGD108
*inclusive post laju to Penisular Malaysia/ normal postage for Singapore only*
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Chocolate Digital Camera

Flavours available in:-

  1. Dark Brown

  2. White

  3. Pink
Internal Memory,four settings:-

  • Hi (640x480)/Ld : 25pictures

  • Hi (640x 480)/Hd : 76 pictures

  • Lo (310x 240)/Ld : 100 pictures

  • Lo (320x 240)/Hd : 275 pictures

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Kodak EKTAR 100

Sample photo from tatraskoda from FLICKR

Price: SGD7.50 /RM19 per roll exclude postage

Film size: 35mm
Iso: 100
Exposure: 36
Film type: Colour negative
For: Fine-grained, high-contrast, high-saturation, “world’s sharpest” color negative film


Sample photo from Strangerized taken from FLICKR

Price: SGD9.50 /RM22 per roll exclude postage

Film Type: Colour Positive/Slide
Film Size: 35mm
ISO: 100
Exposures: 36
Use: Cross process for super saturated colors! Some dubbed it the best film for LOMOGRAPHY!

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Sample photo from Electrospray from FLICKR

Price: SGD7 /RM18 per roll exclude postage

ISO : 400
Film size: 120mm
Exposure: 12
Film type: Black and white
For : For black and white picture.


Photos credited to afai1015

More photos from FLICKR

Price: RM12.00/SGD5.50 per roll exclude postage

Film Type: Color negative
Film Size: 35mm
ISO: 100
Exposures: 36
Use: Low ISO film for vivid colors
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Ultra Wide & Slim Camera

Guys, add this in your collection today...

Click here for the specifications ----> UWS Camera

Colours Available:-




SGD50 / RM100

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