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Expired Konica Centuria Super 100

RM 7per roll/SGD3.50 per roll


Negative Film - 35mm

ISO 100

C-41 chemical

Expired 2009/04
Sample pictures taken from flickr :-



Hido Lwk said...

hello, may i ask, when you will get back this stock?

FilmSnap said...

sorry ya. it will not be restock for time being. Would you like to consider Kodak 400ww?


Anonymous said...

hey, what are the flims that you have except for Chrome and this? I'm keen, any photo examples for Kodak 400ww?

FilmSnap said...

The Festures for Kodak 400ww:
Film Type: Color Negative
Film Size: 35mm
ISO: 400
Exposures: 36
Use: For color pictures. Very versatile film, can be used in most environment, cloudy, sunny or flash!
What films are you looking for?i can source for u

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for flims with lower ISO, anything below 100. Do you have them? Fuji Velvia ISO 50?

You tried Kodak 400ww? Is the grains very obvious? I never tried 400ww before. How much are you selling at? I don't mind trying them though.
Let me know how many shots are there in the roll too. Thanks.

FilmSnap said...

Hi there

Sorry i checked already. My supplier do not have Fuji Velvia ISO 50

Sample photos of kodak 400ww

Kodak 400ww-can take up to 36 photos
Kodak 400ww SGD5/ RM10 per roll exclude postage

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